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Reading List For 2nd Graders

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

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A whimsical little book that will tickle young readers' imagination and encourage them to look more closely at the world around them. Could You? Would You? is a book full of questions ranging from silly ("Can you wiggle your ears like a rabbit?") to more serious ("When do you feel loved?") which makes a perfect conversation starter and a great family read!

Bob had just learned that he is a palindrome after his teacher taught the class about it. He soon realized that there were palindromes everywhere. His pup, Otto, and even Mom and Dad! Keep your eyes open for the hidden palindromes in this book and see if you can find them all! A hilarious book to learn about palindromes which even reluctant readers will love.

A charming and amusing story about a well-meaning principal named Mr. Keene. He loves his fine, fine school so much that he decided to have the students go to school on Saturdays, holidays, and even school in summer! Mr. Keene is then reminded by a student named Tillie that sometimes students need a break from school and that learning can happen outside of school too.

There is no doubt that Mean Jean is the Recess Queen. She'd push, smoosh, hammer and slammer if kids crossed her! It wasn't long before a new student showed up at school. This new girl, Katie Sue, not intimidated by the bully, invited Mean Jean to play. Soon, they become best friends and make the playground a safe place for all. A story about bullying and the transformative power of kindness and friendship.

Elizabeth wants a pet badly, but her parents say no to every idea she has. Instead, they gave her a plant. She likes the plant, but she still really really wanted a pet. Choosing the perfect pet is a topic that all parents and children will relate to in this funny picture book. This book will be a fun and easy read for a 2nd grader.

Since their baby sister was born, Alex has been forced to share a room with his little brother, Ethan. However, he cannot cope with sharing a room with his brother due to the constant destruction and noise. Determined, he wrote a letter to his parents to convince them to get his own room. Will Alex be able to have a space of his own? This is a cute and funny story that teaches persuasive writing.

A funny and thought-provoking book about a surprising conversation between a boy and a tiny ant. The boy found an ant and almost squished it but the ant pleaded to spare him his life. This book will make for a fun read-aloud while it teaches young children different perspectives, empathy, and compassion.

Sometimes, we feel like outsiders. There will be times when we walk into a room, and no one there is quite like us--and how courageous it is to move forward anyway. This story encourages kids to celebrate their unique selves while gently affirms that when they begin to share their stories to the world--"the world opens itself up a little wider to make some space [for you]". A heartwarming and optimistic book for kids starting a scary, new adventure.

Unhei is a young Korean girl who moves to America and starts school at a new high school. But when the other kids can't pronounce her Korean name, she begins to wonder if she should choose a new name. Her classmates suggest different American names for her and helped fill out a name jar. During the process, Unhei eventually realizes the value of her name and the special meaning it holds.

A heartwarming and cute story about an encouraging and loving father and a determined little boy. Jabari just finished and passed his swimming lessons. Now, he is ready to jump off the diving board. He is excited and also a little nervous but he doesn't want to let anyone know how he felt. However, his father knew what he was feeling and gently reminds Jabari that it's okay to feel scared sometimes and encourages him to try again. A beautiful story about conquering one's fears with the help of a supportive family.

Max is a nine-year-old boy who starts to write to his favorite author, D.J. Lucas. Max loves D.J.'s books and wants advice from D.J. on how to be a great writer. Max and his favorite author share their lives and struggles through their letters in this funny and enjoyable book. This book also teaches kids about creative writing and the power of imagination.

Ordinary Mary is a little girl who picks blueberries for her neighbor Mrs. Bishop, who then pays the kindness forward and eventually sets off a chain reaction of kindness and goodwill throughout the world. Children will enjoy this uplifting and entertaining story about being kind and how a simple good deed can make a big difference.

The only thing Jeremy wants is to own a pair of those shoes that everyone at school wears. However his grandmother tells him, "There is no room for want, just need," and what he needs are new winter boots. When his old shoe fell apart, Jeremy becomes more determined to have those shoes. Jeremy found a pair at the thrift store that was too small for him but he insisted on wearing them because "sometimes shoes stretch." But it isn't fun to have blistered feet. It doesn't take long for Jeremy to realize that he already has what he really needs -- new snow boots, a loving grandmother, and being able to help out a friend.

A wonderful story about a boy named Patrick Picklebottom who wants to buy a storybook but only has a penny. The kind-hearted store owner then sells him the book for a penny which delighted Patrick. On his way home, he met his friends playing with their smartphones and video games. But Patrick only wants to read his book. He knows that he can also explore faraway places and go on adventures through his imagination and love for reading. This beautiful and sweet book shows that while hi-tech devices and gadgets can often be a positive part of modern life, we can also find magic in reading a good book.

A little mouse goes for a walk through the deep dark woods. He comes across three hungry predators: a fox, an owl, and a snake! To scare them off, he made up a story about a scary monster called the Gruffalo. Soon, to his surprise, he met the real Gruffalo! Will this little mouse be able to escape and outwit this terrible monster?

The perfect book to read and share on a cozy winter day. Ten Ways To Hear Snow is a story about a young girl named Lina who woke up and everything was quiet. She looked out the window and it was snowing, which blanketed her city and muffled every sound. As she walks to her grandmother's place to help her cook, she discovers that there are many ways to hear snow--the sound of her boots crunching snow, a bird knocking down snow from a branch, people sweeping snow off their cars, and many more. In this touching and sweet book, we meet a modern Arab-American family who teaches us about mindfulness and empathy and noticing the little things around by listening and slowing down.

How To Read A Story is a delightful picture book that describes the step-by-step process of reading a book and sharing it with a friend. Paired with captivating and vibrant illustrations with this sweet story will entice any budding reader to learn to love reading!

A fun follow-up to How to Read a Story, this book guides young storytellers through the steps of creating their own story. From choosing an idea to creating their heroine or hero. This inspiring book teaches creative writing and has instructions that are easy to follow for young writers who are excited to write their own stories. This is a perfect book to read at home or in the classroom and helps teach Common Core curriculum skills.

Bernadette is mostly monsterly with her sharp ears, claws, and fangs. She causes all kinds of mayhem but also likes to pet kittens, pick flowers and bake cupcakes. However, her classmates in Monster Academy don't understand her. They would rather act like total monsters and eat snail goo and making creepy noises than group hugs and singing! Will Bernadette find a way to fit in while staying true to herself?

Cloudette is a little cloud and everyone calls her cute little names. But Cloudette wants to do big things. She wants to help a garden grow and make a waterfall fall, but she can't because she's too small. Then one day, a storm blew her away to an unfamiliar place where her help is needed. Soon Claudette discovers that she is capable of doing important things and eventually found her purpose. In this sweet and lovely story, young readers will learn that everyone can make a positive difference, no matter how small they are. A great read for any age group!

A young girl sets off to the market to buy the ingredients for her apple pie to find out that the local market is closed. So she embarked on a global adventure to find the ingredients --to Italy for the semolina wheat, cinnamon in Sri Lanka, and apples in Vermont! Take a fun, imaginary trip around the world as we follow the young girl searching for the best ingredients for the perfect apple pie! Plus a surprise feature at the back of the book!

A Tree Is Nice is a classic story about the beauty of everyday life and the happiness and wonders that trees bring to our lives. This book has simple but beautiful text that even picky readers will appreciate, as well as illustrations that can inspire children to love and appreciate trees and the nature around them. Winner of the Caldecott Medal.

Nerdy Birdy likes reading and video games. He has big glasses and tiny wings, which keep him from being part of the "cool crowd." He then finds other nerdy birds just like him and invites him to be part of their big group. But what will Nerdy Birdy do when the cool birds and the nerdy birds don't like a new bird in town? A wonderful story of friendship, standing up for others, and being true to oneself.

A heartwarming and uplifting tale inspired by a real animal friendship, This Way, Charlie is about a friendship between a blind horse and a gruff goat. In the Open Bud Ranch, we meet Jack, a small goat who suffered abuse before being rescued and taken in by the ranch. At first, Jack is anxious about a new horse named Charlie, who is blind in one eye. He eventually befriends the new horse and guides him to his favorite sunlit field. A beautiful and moving story about kindness, patience, empathy, and accepting each other's differences, inspired by the real Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma.

This story is about a young boy enjoying his summer until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became his number one enemy. Luckily, his dad knows how to deal with enemies: spend a day playing with Jeremy, invite him for dinner and serve him a magical pie that turns enemies into best friends! A feel-good book that teaches kindness, friendship, and respect for others. This book is recommended by experts for children who are reading independently and transitioning to longer books.

Mr. Hatch leads a dull and lonely life. One day, he received an unexpected package from the postman. He opened it and found a heart-shaped box full of candy with a card reading, "Somebody loves you." The gift made Mr. Hatch so happy that he made new positive changes in his life and does good deeds for everyone in the neighborhood. But what will happen to Mr. Hatch when he discovers that the gift was not for him? Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch is a delightful tale that teaches children that caring for others and simple acts of love and kindness can go a long way. A great read-aloud around Valentine's Day or any day of the year!

When Molly McGrew, the Springfield librarian, accidentally drove her bookmobile into the zoo, a wild and fun adventure begins! She begins to read to the animals who eventually discovered their love for reading. She finds the perfect book for every animal and --"She even found waterproof books for the otter, who never went swimming without Harry Potter." Written as a tribute to Dr. Seuss, this fun and witty rhyming story will make the kids go wild about this book!

Shy and quiet Rosie dreams of becoming a great engineer. But being afraid of failure, she won't let anyone see her brilliant inventions, especially after her favorite uncle laughed at one of the gizmos she made for him. She eventually found encouragement from her great-great-aunt Rose (aka Rosie the Riveter!). When Rosie discovered her great-great aunt's dream of flying, she gets to work to build a contraption to make her aunt's dream come true! A lovely and wonderful book that integrates women's history and aviation engineering with the positive message of persistence in pursuing one's dreams and viewing failures as learning experiences.

Wombats are slow-moving, cuddly-looking Australian animals. This funny story is told through a week-long diary of a wombat, chronicling its daily routine--sleeping, eating grass, scratching, and training its new human neighbors to give him food! This entertaining story gives a humorous yet realistic insight into the unique life of a wombat which children will enjoy and laugh out loud at its antics.

In the summer of 1935, to help her parents make ends meet, Lydia Grace was sent to live with her Uncle, a baker in the city. She brings a suitcase full of seeds to the city and plants flowers and vegetables while helping out in the bakery. She then found a secret place and is determined to make it a garden full of flowers to make her grouchy uncle cheer up and smile. This lovely story is told through a series of letters between an optimistic young girl and her family. A beautiful book with an uplifting ending.

Happy reading!

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