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The instructor, Mrs. Carolyn Vallejo, is a professional, nice, and polite lady. I am very happy to have her English class for my daughter. My daughter has improved her English in listening, speaking, and reading through the classes in the past 12 months.

Ping, Parent


How are you doing?! My igcse results actually came a few days back and I got all A*!! In fact, I got the second highest grade in my school in English at 94!! I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and all the practice you've made me do. It's rlly helped me. 


Hey Dustin, I hope you and your family are doing well! I wanted to let you know that I got a 1580 on my first SAT attempt! Although I did not take SAT coaching from you, I sincerely believe the grammar concepts helped tremendously. My score breakdown was 790 and 790. I thank you once again for the help you provided me with English.

Aakash, student

The class was easy to follow and the feedback on writing was excellent.

Bernardo Orellano, Student

Dustin was super helpful and had resources for everything I needed. Even though I had a really tight schedule, we were able to get a lot done.

Boris Weinhart, Student

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Anila Pillai, Parent

Dustin tutors my 12y and 10y old boys in writings. Prior to meeting Dustin, boys had no interest in writing. Dustin managed to get them to write without complains. And gradually but undoubtedly they started enjoying in experimenting different words, phrases and voices... I have tried many different ways to get boys to enjoy writings, so far learning with Dustin is the best I can find.

Li Xiao, Parent

Mr. English did an amazing job, which greatly exceeded my expectations. Without question, I will order his services again.

Diana, Student

We have lots of practice and specific feedback, and every time we are learning a new thing, and get practice. Good job, Mr. Stevens! 

Sarah, Student

I consider that the best of tutoring is to get one on one attention to my writing weakness and to develop a plan and exercises to work on. I can say that I have improved my writing skills and I am able to proofread my essays with more skills than before. It has been a great experience to have personalized attention and ways of improving my writing skills. 

Claudia, Student

The best thing about tutoring is that I get to receive helpful feedback that actually helps improve my writing. 

Megan, Student

My son enjoys his tutoring sessions and feels that his writing is improving.

Julie, Student

[Ezra] truly enjoys what you have been doing with him - higher level of English language art and literacy skills, advanced vocabulary, sophisticated expressions, and logical and critical reasoning skills. 


[Eliza] loves what you’ve been doing with her and think they are very useful. She’s much more confident now and she reads some advanced level books for her age ( eg: the hate you gave) and not just understands it but enjoys it too. 

Ching-Yu, Parent

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