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The Chase by Evan

About the Author

Hi everyone my name is Evan. This is my first story and my first time writing for Good English Tutors. I enjoy playing soccer and video games. I also like reading and spending time with my family and dog. I hope everyone enjoys my story.

The Chase

by Evan

Ben walks through the woods, not another human near him for miles. He takes step after step, leaving crackles underneath him. He likes walks like these, where nature surrounds him, and he feels free. Ben inhales the fresh scent of flowers and trees. It's getting late and he should be heading back home. He turns around quickly and walks in the direction of his home. He comes across a river while trekking back home and realizes it leads in the right direction to his town. He carefully steps onto a log across the river and begins to move forward. Ben looks down at the rushing stream and realizes how dangerous this walk is. He can't turn back now and he has no option to push on. He brings his head back up and a branch smacks him right in his forehead. He tumbles off the log and plunges straight into the cold murky depths of the river.

He pushes up out of the river and gasps for air. He fights his way to the side of the river and digs his hand deep into the mud on the bank. He struggles to make it out of the river but finds a root as a foothold and boosts himself onto the mud. He lays down and closes his eyes as cold shivers shoot up his spine. He hears a rustle and his eyes shoot open. Straight above him a jaguar stares down at him with two big yellow eyes that look hungry for meat.

He quickly pushes off the ground and flings himself into the dense forest. He runs at full speed into bushes and trees only stopping to look behind himself. Ben hears something above him and sprints faster than before. The branches above him snap and the jaguar comes shooting down from the canopy and lands onto the mud behind him. He doesn’t stop running, but it only takes a second for the Jaguar to get back up and easily regain the ground it lost. Ben knows he can't outrun the jaguar, so he tries going through branches and bushes full of sharp thorns. He trips and hears a snap as his leg fills with pain and he howls out in agony. The Jaguar approaches him and a low growl echoes through the quiet night. He scurries back but finds himself cornered. The Jaguar leaps at Ben. Its claws extend like piercing swords. Its yellow eyes glint in the moonlight and time seems to slow. Ben’s eyes snap shut and the piercing sound of a blast fills the dark quiet night.

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