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North vs. South by Thilen L.

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

About the Author

Hello, my name is Thilen and I'm currently an 8th grader. Dustin has been teaching me for over two years now, and I feel like my writing has improved significantly throughout this time. He made me understand how to write multiple creative writing responses, and I soon understood the structure of short responses. If he hadn't taught me for these last two years, I would not understand how to write different responses for ELA. I really have to thank him for all of his efforts in teaching me, even when I felt like giving up. So, thank you Dustin for the person you have helped me become and that's a little bit about me in Dustin's classes. I hope to publish more of my writing here and maybe publish my own book one day??....

North vs. South: In the Civil War, was the North guaranteed a victory over the South?

by Thilen L.

The best evidence for the North not having all of the advantages in the Civil War is the South having their own territory to fight on. In the passage it states, “The South’s greatest strength lay in the fact that it was fighting on the defensive in its own territory” (USHistory, par. 6). This conveys that the South had a huge advantage of fighting on their own territory and being used to the landscape already. The author states that the North could use their own territory as an advantage by being “[f]amillar with the landscape, Southerners could harass Northern invaders” (USHistory, par. 6). Therefore, the South could use their advantage of fighting on their own territory by placing traps for the North and luring them into the South’s battlefield. The North obviously won in the end, but they didn’t win easily. The South had many advantages and gave its all in the fight but victory fell to the north.


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