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A Fencing Tournament by Alexander W.

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

A Fencing Tournament

by Alexander W.

First, when I got there, I saw many cars in the parking lot and the parking lot was like a tiny rectangle. The building also looked like a rectangle with a door. I entered and I saw fencing bags on metal shelves. Then I found my friends from my club. We ran around the metal strip three times and I saw dummies, chairs, scoreboards and the referees. Then we did footwork with our coach. We first bounced up and down and did the number of steps we did bouncing. Our feet scratched the metal floor and it made a sound like you were scratching your fingernails on the table. After that, we fenced each other for practice.

I looked up and saw my pool was starting so I quickly went to find my pool. There was this person who was about as tall as the youngest referee in our pool. When you are tall, you have an advantage of reaching the opponent when they can not reach you. We fenced everybody in our pool. I only won one match so that meant I was going to be paired with somebody who was better than me. When one of my friends told me that I was going to be paired with somebody who had won the club tournament, my heart was racing because I knew there was a very low chance of winning.

We started the match and both tried to attack in the middle, but he was quicker than me so we both hit at the same time and his foot was past the middle and got the point because he had the priority. I whispered to myself, “You want to use speed, then I will use my brain.” I tried that again and it didn’t work. He attacked and I tried to parry, but he still hit me. He attacked, I pulled distance, I attacked and flounged at him. He counterattacked and since it was my priority, I got the point. He continued his attack past the middle and I counterattacked, so he got the point. I pulled distance and attacked him again so I got the point. He attacked and got me again in the middle. The score was 5-2 and I was losing badly. We had a one minute break.

My coach said parry repost, then if he parry’s, counterparry and hit him in his open place. He attacked and I parried it and I reposted and he parried and reposted and I parried and hit him. That is called a counterparry. I caught up with this strategy and the score was 5-5. My mind wandered as I parried his quick attack. Who would win if I continue on with this? I looked at him startled by the sudden clang of swords as he attacked my chest. I attacked and my sword looked like a white whip, he parried and his sword was a swirling black tornado., He attacked and I parried so I attacked and he did not parry and tried to jump back, but I hit him and I was winning by one point. He attacked and hit me so we were tied now. I attacked and he parried repost and I parried and hit him. He stabbed at me and I parried and he parried it and hit me..My sword looked like a silver fan as I smiled and cut over him right behind the on guard line. I attacked and cut over at him , he tried to parry, but could not and I hit him. He attacked and I tried to jump back, but crossed my feet by accident and I got a yellow card. I did not know what a yellow card did so I was afraid it would give my opponent a point so a bead of sweat trickled down my forehead. We both hit and the yellow card canceled my light so it was his point. I was so relieved that I started thinking,” Ha ha, you don’t get the point.” I attacked and he stab hit me on the wrist and he got the point. I cut over him two times and I won 10-9.

Then in the second elimination round, it was quick and I lost 10-2. I told my mom to stay until my last friend is eliminated and he lost to the person I lost to, but at least he did better than me. He lost 10-4. Then we left so that was one of my fencing tournaments.


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