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Good English Tutors - How it all began 

In 2006, I enrolled in a freshman course on ancient history and quickly regretted my decision. You see, I had done well in high school; in fact, I was one of those students who could do relatively little work and still pull off top grades. But now, in college, something had changed, and as I stared at the dull light from the projector, my confidence began to wane.

I was not prepared for college. I was not prepared for the reading. I was not prepared for the writing. I was not prepared for the workload. 

During my first year, I worked incredibly hard to catch up to my peers. I did and eventually excelled in my undergraduate and graduate coursework. However, it was a stressful experience, and one that years later, would become the impetus for leaving my teaching job and starting my own tutoring practice. 

I wanted to ensure that my students not only thrived in their current grade but also beyond it. I wanted to help students thrive in a world where skillful communication and literacy create countless opportunities. I wanted to connect them with transformative, one-on-one learning from caring educators.

I have named our team Good English Tutors, not as a brag about our competence but instead as an expression of our values. Yes, our tutors are qualified, experienced, and skilled educators. Yet, more than this, they have what we call heart. Something we believe makes all the difference.

Think of your favorite teacher in school, for instance. Were they merely skilled at teaching their subject or was there something else at work, like a desire to see you succeed, a passion for learning, and a caring and patient approach? Did this teacher repel you from learning the subject or open it up to you in a way you had never seen before? 

At Good English Tutors, we aspire to teach with heart because we know that it makes all the difference in the lives of our students and the future they envision.


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What our clients say... 

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"Dustin tutors my 12y and 10y old boys in writings. Prior to meeting Dustin, boys had no interest in writing. Dustin managed to get them to write without complains. And gradually but undoubtedly they started enjoying in experimenting different words, phrases and voices... I have tried many different ways to get boys to enjoy writings, so far learning with Dustin is the best I can find."

Li Xiao, parent

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