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The Secret Diary of a Miner by Harrison G.

About the Author

I like playing Water Polo, tennis and chess. I have a sister and a dog. My favorite color is red and blue. My favorite food is sushi. I know two languages, Chinese and English. 你好! I like to play with my dog and video games.

The Secret Diary of a Miner

by Harrison G.

I was walking on Mount Jack and took a trail with weird footprints. I noticed birch, oak, and spruce trees on the foggy road. The trees scraped my arms. Soon, I saw an object blending in the distance. A rectangular shape emerged in the distance. I slowly approached the crooked structure. I noticed a piece of wood sticking out as I walked closer to it. During that time, a cabin appeared in my view. It was worn down and had broken windows. Moss covered the cabin

As I opened the door, it made a creaking noise. The air filled the cabin with dust and a broken chair sat across the room with a worn out journal upon it. The pages were yellow and some were even ripped. The cover was faint, but I soon figured out that it was the secret diary of a miner. I sat on the broken chair. The word Jerome was printed on the first page. Every time I flipped the page, I learned something new about the miner. One day, he was mining and hit something hard. He dug around it and found out that it was a chest. He kept it in his closet and never opened it. He was going to open it and didn’t want anybody to know. I thought for a moment and finally, stood up and went to find the chest.

I found a candle lying on the table next to the chair. I picked it up, took my lighter from my pocket and lit the candle. I slowly walked towards the cabin and carefully opened the closet. I jumped when I saw the bottom shelf had a whole barrel of gunpowder. The miners' clothes and tools hung from a hook. I looked up and saw a very dim light shining from the top of the shelf. I reached up and grabbed it softly. It was glowing and there was a metal lock on it. When I stepped out of the closet, and a timer went 119, 118, 117, 116… “Huh?”, I yelled. I ran even faster and looked for the key. I checked every room. “31, 30, 29, 28, 27…” I ran faster. I looked in a book shelf and pushed it. I had found a secret room! I ran inside the small room and in the middle, was a key, sitting in a glass case like a diamond. “5, 4, 3, 2 …” I quickly put the key into the chest lock and opened it as fast as I could. A scroll sat in the chest, and I unraveled it. There was a map, with directions leading to the middle of the woods. There was an X on the destination. Gold was labeled on the X.

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1 Comment

Oct 06, 2023

I really enjoyed reading this short suspense story🙂.

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