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The Fox and the Girl by Alina H.

About the Author

I am Alina and I love to bake, read, write, and draw. I already wrote two articles in here. I have been writing for the past 2 years, and I wrote this story because I went camping not too long ago. I think it was really fun. You can check out my other stories on this too. I hope you like this story!

The Fox and the Girl

by Alina H.

“Hello!” Ollie’s Mom said to her friend, Max. They were on a camping trip with their parents. She saw the wooden cabins and the oaks all around it. She could hear her Mom calling and the blue jays singing. Ollie saw the campsite kids playing around. Suddenly as she turned, Ollie noticed a monarch butterfly. She loved birds of all kinds. But even more, she loved butterflies way more than birds. She walked on the dirt pathway, wet from last week's showery and damp days. But by the time she was stranded in Oakland Woods near the campsite, everyone was already gone.

Ollie had a small backpack, with a granola bar, a bag of sour candy, a flashlight, soft white blankets and a can of mangos in case of an unlikely event. She saw the deep rivers and salmon hopping around. The smell of the forest was beautiful. The forest was covered in wet leaves and the sun was blazing down on her. “ I feel like a wet sponge! So this is what it feels like to be all alone.” Although the woods had deep rivers, it was not drinkable water. It could make her sick. As she was thinking this, suddenly a strong dark red fox jumped from the side, grinning for juicy bite of her leg…

“Perhaps you need a ride,”

Stated the fox, “ For I am Detrotis, the fox. Hop on my log raft as we go along the river. It's nice, I tell you.” She thought it was strange for a fox to talk like Detrotis did. And his nose was rather pointy. Ollie knew it was a bad idea to go with him, but she followed onto Detrotis’s raft. The fur tickled Ollie's arms when she felt it. For a moment, she liked the way the breeze cooled her.. She felt the itchy, dirty flies and beetles that bit her skin a lot. Then they finally got to the river bank, on the other side. The fox then turned to face Ollie. “And now I’m surprised that you haven’t run away, like all my other victims,” Detrotis said, grinning slowly. She looked him in the eye, Then Ollie turned and ran for her life, going deeper into the forest.

Not being able to run any farther, she slowed down. Gasping and sweating, Ollie looked to find the fox right next to her. He jumped on her, making Ollie stay very still. Detrotis was ready to bite her. Then, in the dark path behind the fox, a short boy dashed to the rescue, jumping over thorns and leaves, looking like the hero and friend he is. Max glances up toward the red, dignet fox. Detrotis glared dully at the little kid with a green T-shirt. “ You can’t do anything, can you?” Detrotis smiled happily, like killing was a fun game.

Max was covered in many scratches and he was holding a sharp stick. “I’m here! Wait–” Detrotis looked up and was prepared. By the time she was up, Max was down on the ground, fighting the fox. Ollie found her Mom , sitting on the cabin fence. Then Ollie felt sad as well. The monarch was gone, and she had no idea why her Mom was down. But it didn’t matter anyway. “Ollie! Ollie! Wake up sweetheart! I made breakfast- and you’re late for school dear!” Ollie rubbed her icky eyes, till she could see. “ Why is the fox calling me sweetheart?” She thought. But blinking awake, she noticed that Detrotis looked like her. “ Does that fox have brown hair like me?” Ollie wondered, but she was relieved to find out that it was her own mother and not a fox.

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