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An Unexpected Journey of Brotherly Love by Thilen

About the Author

My name is Thilen. You may have remembered me from a previous writing of mine. You could check that out later but first please read my story called "An Unexpected Journey of Brotherly Love" and it's about 3 brothers going on a heist, but there is an unexpected twist. You may read it now and I hope you enjoy.

An Unexpected Journey of Brotherly Love

by Thilen

It was a sunny day in California, Los Angeles, and I had just woken up from my older brother Draven. “Get up Andreas,” he said. I got up and asked him “why are you waking me up at seven in the morning?” He replied, “We have to get to the airport fast.” I was confused when he said we have to get to the airport, but he couldn't wait and told me to put on my clothes. For some reason, I did what he said, and I changed my clothes instantly. I walked down the creaking stairs, which were actually made by my great-grandfather. Nonetheless, I saw my little brother Zayn already with Draven. Draven said, “Let's go bro! Chop Chop!” We all walked out and got into our mom’s car. Draven couldn’t drive without an adult but he never followed the rules.

While we were on the way to the Los Angeles International Airport, I saw a kid bullying a smaller kid, and it suddenly brought me back. Six years ago, I was in 6th grade and Draven was in 8th Grade. During the first day of school, a tall 6th grader who was wearing black baggy sweatpants and an anime hoodie was walking towards me. He was wearing the New Air Jordans (Blue and White) edition. His face was pale, his eyes were red, and his fists were clenched. He came up to me and said, “What’s good.” I replied, “Not much, what ‘bout you?” He said,” I’m actually kinda feeling mad right now, like I wanna punch someone right in the face.” And right after he said that, he punched me in the face with his hairy hands and his smelly fingers. As I was on the floor, he came down to me and said “Now I’m feeling better.” As he giggled away with his friends, Draven saw what happened and kicked the bully right in the stomach. Next, he dragged him to the lockers, and finally, he suffocated the bully in his locker while saying, “Don’t. Ever. Touch. My. Brother. Again.” Until the teachers saw the incident and escorted Draven away from the boy. “Andre. ANDRE! Let’s go bro, we gotta go quick,” Draven said. We got out of the car and ran as fast as we could to the gate. But, we had to pass security first. Draven first took off his belongings and me and Zayn followed. After we got through security, Draven said “We have to be at Gate 21 so let’s see, Gate 15…. Gate 17…. Gate 19…. Oh there it is. Gate 21.” All of us sprinted across the airport like hungry hippos as we saw the gate about to close. We made it just in time before they were about to close the gate. As we walked to the plane, I just realized, “Why are we really here?”

“Your seats are B17, B18, and B19. Have a safe trip,” stated the flight attendant. As we were walking to our seats, we saw these men who were wearing very formal suits and were relaxing back in their first class seats. One man had 2 golden watches and a really shiny blue suit with a red tie tucked inside. When we got to our seats, we sat down and got ready for takeoff. But as soon as we sat down, Draven told me and Zayn why we’re really here. He said, “Guys, I brought you two along with me without telling you anything because I knew both of you would not go. The plan is that we’re going to hold this plane hostage. I replied “WHAT! SO YOU USED US! I’m not going to do anything on this plane and neither is Zayn, right Zayn.” Zayn nodded. Draven replied, “HEY, YOU LISTEN TO ME, I’M YOUR OLDER BROTHER AND YOU FOLLOW BY MY RULES!” The whole plane went silent and everyone was looking at us. After the crowd stopped looking at us, Draven whispered to me and said, “Follow my lead and we’ll get a lot of money, trust me.”

1 hour later, Draven tapped on my shoulder and said, “Wake Zayn up, it’s time.” I groaned and woke Zayn up. “I don’t want to do this,” I say to Draven. “Yeah, me too” says Zayn. “Look guys, I know you don’t want to do this, but don’t you guys want a lot of money. I mean come on, a few hundred lives is not going to affect anything really” said Draven. Me and Zayn both sighed. We knew that this wasn’t right, but we listened anyway to our older brother. Draven gave me and Zayn both a gun. He had one too, but it was way bigger than ours. I whispered to him “How did you sneak three guns with you?” He replied, “The guns are not metal, they’re carbon-fiber guns. I got them from ebay. One woman sold it for like five bucks.” Nonetheless, Draven got up from his seat, scooched past our knees, and announced, “KEEP YOUR HANDS UP AND DON’T MOVE, OR I’LL SHOOT YOU!” Everyone on the plane freaked out and they all put their hands up. Me and Zayn didn’t get up from our seats yet, as soon as Draven said to us to “Get up, NOW!” We both got out of our seats and tried to act tough. Draven said, “Now everyone, don’t move or say anything because if you do, then BANG BANG you go.” After Draven warned the passengers by literally showing them how they’ll get killed, everyone got more terrified, especially the little boy who had a stuffed animal with him. As soon as Draven turned around, an old man started coughing and coughing and soon couldn’t stop. Draven soon shot the old man straight at his head while others were now even more scared of Draven. Draven said, “Yeah, so if any of you guys make a noise, even a little peep, you’re dead.” As he walked the other way, I said “Why would you do that? That old man was innocent and sick.” Draven replied, “He was making too much noise, I had to do it.” Me and Zayn were shaking our heads, regretting why we came along with our older brother for this unnecessary heist. As Draven walked back to the passengers, the little boy’s stuffed animal was making noises such as, “HI FRIEND. MY NAME IS TEDDY. HOW ABOUT YOURS?” Draven came up to the little boy and pointed the gun straight at him, leaving everyone in disbelief, even the two brothers.

I said “HEY, why are you pointing the gun at the little kid.” Zayn said “Yeah, he’s innocent.” Draven replied back “I got this, don’t worry.” All of the passengers were perturbed for the little boy. The young boy was crying and tears were dropping from his face. The wet tear from the little boy’s eye flowed down to the ground. I whispered into Draven’s ear “You don’t have to do this, he’s just a little boy. Let him go.” Draven pushed me back to my seat and said, “Don’t tell me what to do” and shot a bullet to the seat right next to me. BAM! I was kind of appalled but wasn’t that surprised because of how this wasn’t the first time Draven threatened or hurt me. He turned back to the child and pointed the gun at his head. The mom of the little boy said “Please, don't do this to my baby. I’m begging you.” Draven reloaded the gun and was about to pull the trigger when all of a sudden, Zayn pushed Draven into a corner and fought for the gun. After both fighting for the gun for at least 30 seconds, Zayn got it and pushed it towards me. I quickly got up from my seat and grabbed the gun from the shiny metal floor. Zayn got back up and stood right beside me. I pointed the gun at Draven as he was getting back up. I said “Look, I really don’t want to do this but I have to. You killed an innocent old man and was about to kill a little boy too. We didn’t even want to come along with you because you always cause trouble. It’s hard for me to say this, but this is the last time we’ll be seeing each other big bro.” Draven replied “You don’t have to do this lil bro. I was just doing this to help mom. The mon-” and the bullet went straight through Draven’s head. At that moment, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. A sudden tear slid down my face all the way to my neck and eventually it hit the ground. I killed my own big brother but was it really worth it?

I announced to the passengers, “Sorry for that everyone, we didn’t mean to scare or hurt you. I just wanted to say that me and my brother are not killers like our older brother. You all can get back into your seats, sorry again.” All of the passengers were relieved as they weren’t being threatened. I was drained and so was Zayn. As everyone was back in their seats, the mom of the little boy came up to us and said “Thank you for saving my son and all of us. How can I ever repay you?” “No worries ma’am, we just didn’t want our brother to kill your son,” I replied. “Hey little man” said Zayn. “Hello. Thank you guys for saving me. You guys are real heroes” replied the little boy. I said “No problem lil bro, we’re just doing what’s best for you.” The mom said, “Thank you really though” and walked off to their seats with her son. As we were landing I thought to myself “What are we going to do next?” I said to Zayn “Hey Zayn, I know it’s been tough seeing our brother being killed by us but we have to do what’s best for the people that we are surrounded by. Zayn replied “Yes bro, let’s always stick together.” We did our handshake that we created when we were toddlers and looked upon the beautiful view outside the airplane window.

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