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The Improvements from Technology by Jason M.

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The Improvements from Technology

by Jason M.

Due to new technology the covid vaccine only took one year to create, while usually a vaccine would take 10-15 years to make (Medical News Today). Technology is rapidly advancing and it is making life more efficient and fast. Engineering has changed the way we live over the years and as it advances it will improve life because of transportation, open and high paying jobs, and protection from illnesses.

Technology is rapidly changing ways of getting from one place to another. There are now electric cars, self-driving cars and online transportation apps. To reduce humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels, electric and hybrid cars have grown in popularity. These cars incorporate electric motors and rechargeable battery technology, although hybrid cars still use fuel engines to power their electric motors(JrPass). Electric cars release much less greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than traditional gasoline powered cars, and need less maintenance due to their electric motors. However, there are few electric charging stations even in populated areas. Currently in America, there are 104,000 fewer electric charging stations than gas stations. There are not only electric cars, but also self driving cars. Self driving cars function by using a mixture of sensors, software, radar, GPS, laser beams and cameras to monitor road conditions, therefore, causing less accidents than the regular cars. Also, self-driving cars can drive more efficiently, which reduces energy costs. However, self-driving cars are fairly new, so there might still be errors in its technology. Before the creation of apps like Uber, people could not book a ride on their smartphones. People had to be near a bus stop at the right time or be in an area where a taxi was available. This could make things challenging for those who live in areas without a lot of public transportation. With Uber, people can now get a ride anywhere, at any time(Fast Track Mobility). This can get people place to place easily and quickly. This fast and efficient transportation will lessen the time wasted driving. Uber allows passengers to rate their driver, which can prevent unprofessional or rude drivers. Not only will our transportation change, so will jobs.

As we learn more about technology, there will be an increase in open and high paying jobs. There will be a higher demand for more workers because as technology advances companies would need more workers to help keep their products up to date. This will benefit both workers and companies due to the workers getting better pay and companies expanding their businesses. Companies can use new online hiring apps to hire more people. Individuals can also use those apps to get jobs they want. With the app's powerful search capabilities and sophisticated screening algorithms, online talent platforms can also speed the hiring process and cut the time individuals spend searching between jobs, reducing unemployment(Mc Kinsey). Hiring apps can get more workers employed in smaller companies. Teamwork will also be easier because of apps like Zoom and Google Drive. Because of online communication tools, technologies enable us to work more closely. When colleagues are not physically in the same place: teams can hold meetings remotely with video-conferencing and share documents at once with cloud-based file-sharing tools like Google Drive(Small Business). By working together, groups can get projects finished quickly. Workers can also use these apps to get help, anytime and anywhere. Not only will there be better jobs, but there will also be better treatments for illnesses.

Due to technology, healthcare has improved. Today, doctors and nurses use handheld devices to record patients’ real-time data and instantly update their medical history. This makes more accurate and swift diagnoses and treatments(Geospatial World). These new innovations have enabled medical workers to do tasks quickly and precisely. Doctors can now update medical history from wherever they are, instead of having to go to a computer. This can shorten the time waiting in the hospital and also provide patients with the right medication quickly. Technology has drastically changed how medical experiments are conducted. Instead of taking years, experiments now take months or weeks. This is because it is now possible to simulate human reactions to a particular drug, instead of having to rely entirely on human volunteers(Geospatial World). With this new knowledge, doctors can produce vaccines and cures quicker than they could before. This can reduce the amount of people getting sick and reduce the amount of deaths.

With rapid updating technology, lives have dramatically changed and are now more secure and sufficient. Through innovative hiring software, employers can hire more deliberate workers to develop smarter technology, which will improve fields involving technology such as transportation, healthcare and other sectors. Ultimately one of the greatest benefits technology beholds is providing time for oneself, Billie Eilish states “When I do have free time, I spend it with friends, or I spend it at home writing or making something.”


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