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Short Superstars of the NBA by Tenzin

About the Author

I wanted to write about short basketball players because some of these players encouraged me to play basketball when I was undersized. Watching these players helped me develop my game and gave me the confidence I needed. Once I started to actually grow I slowly started watching of them less and less but I still think that basketball is a big part of my life and if it wasn't for these players I would not have discovered the treasure known as basketball.

Short Superstars of the NBA

by Tenzin

When you think of the NBA, who do you picture? Usually people think about tall people. However, some short NBA players have tried to change how the game is played and they have succeeded. For example, athletes like Muggsy Bogues were the pioneers of the new basketball wave because the NBA was not only new to short players but Muggsy had to adapt his strategy against each and every opponent. Other short NBA players were inspired and decided to play basketball because of Muggsy Bogues. This is because he was trying to change what it means to play basketball. He believed people underestimated short athletes: “For me, I always felt that tall or small, the game was for all” (Wash). In other words, Muggsy was the flashlight in the cave, or the starting point for many other short NBA superstars to follow.

Like Muggsy Bouges, Earl Boykins' amazing journey shows how hard work and skill can defy what people expect. Even though he was only 5 feet 5 inches tall, Boykins became a superstar on the basketball court, proving that "how tall you are isn't the only important thing" (SFgate). He achieved a large fanbase, getting the attention of fans and other players with his determination. Earl put thousands of hours into the game he loved: “Basketball became such an obsession, Boykins often skipped breakfast so he could play ball before kindergarten.” His story shows how he used his life curse and turned it into a gift. He's a great example for young athletes, showing them the importance of staying determined and passionate ("Sizable Success”).

These players paved the way for other short athletes, like Spud Webb. Even though he was just 5 feet 7 inches tall, Webb proved all of his detractors wrong and became famous in basketball history when he won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. It’s extremely hard for an athlete to win a dunk contest and it makes it even harder when you are 5’7. As mentioned in an article on Highly Clutch, his performance didn't just show his skill but also changed how the game was played, proving he could "jump with the best of them." Webb's incredible dunks and fearless attitude made him a legend in the sport. His story tells us that with determination and passion, we can overcome any physical limits (Highly Clutch)

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